Westomatic Sigma Touch

Westomatic Sigma Touch

To get my first glimpse of the Sigma Touch, at a vending trade show, I had to excuse my way through the crowd gathered around it. The Sigma Touch does everything you’d expect of a top-of-the range, high capacity hot drinks vending machine; so click here to see how this machine offers you a little bit extra.
Sigma Touch’s secret weapon is its nineteen-inch HD touch screen interface. Instructions on the screen prompt you through the buying process to offer you drink options you wouldn’t expect from a vending machine. For instance, if you fancy a shot of hazelnut syrup in your cappuccino, or extra sugar in your flat white, no problem. The machine’s a joy to use and its attention-grabbing appearance is matched by the quality of the drinks it dispenses, which is just as well: we’re all used to drinking decent coffee these days and Sigma Touch definitely doesn’t disappoint.

But style and quality are only the start of it. You see, the touch screen can do a whole lot more than simply guide you through the menu: in between servings, it can be used it to run video clips. These clips might be adverts encouraging you to buy a snack to go with your coffee; alternatively, it really is easy to up-load your own videos to the Sigma Touch.
I wonder how long it’ll be before the company newsletter is replaced by a regular in-house TV show, allowing the boss to talk to his people, rather than write to them? It’ll be handy to have a vending machine that doubles as a TV then!
Seriously, I can imagine the Sigma Touch being a very popular choice in hospitals, in universities and in other large, public sites, such as shopping centres. In those locations, the screen’s video capabilities really could come into their own as a communications channel.

Sigma Touch uses paper cups and you can choose between 7oz, 9oz and 12oz versions. You can also customize your Sigma Touch by adding your logo to the screen display.
They say ‘seeing is believing’, so if you’re interested, contact us at North West Vending and we’ll arrange for you to sample Sigma Touch for yourself.


Cup Capacity 470 Based on larger cup sizes
Barista quality bean to cup drinks
The high tech fresh-brew model quickly delivers fresh leaf tea
19 inch touch screen
Simple on screen touch menu icons and robust
design means the Sigma Touch is easy to use, set
up and maintain.
Optional cashless payment systems allow you to pay
by contactless card or even your mobile phone
Electrical Services 230 Volts AC + / 10%
Footprint 1830mm (h) x 765mm (d) x 710mm (w)
Water supply: 15 mm BSP from rising main
Weight 165 KG

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