Refresh 60 Can & Bottle

Refresh 60 Can & Bottle

The Refresh 60 can, and bottle vendor has a simply huge, chilled drinks capacity. the Refresh 60 CB offers great retail potential and informed consumer choices from its display screen. The bright and clear display allows the Refresh 60 to play adverts, show pricing, and product information before a purchase is made. When you are ready to make your purchase, the Refresh 60 CB features an elevated tray that rises to collect and gently dispense products, no fuss, no mess.

When supplied with the Nayax dot reader, it can read pre-paid Nayax cashless cards and key fobs using optical or Nearfield communication. This means offers can be created online and distributed by barcode or loaded onto cards and fobs. The Nayax card system can be integrated as an electronic wallet app to be used with mobile phones on both Apple Store app and Google Play store app.

The technology revolution doesn’t end there; using vend detection technology, consumers can be assured that they only pay for products that have vended. With extensive insulation of the cabinet, L.E.D. lighting and an advanced energy management the Refresh 60 CB has low energy consumption, good for your wallet and the environment. The wealth of features is designed to enhance user experience and increase sales.

  • Simple button selection menu and clear information display makes the Refresh 60 so easy to use.
  • Payment by cash, contactless debit or credit card, mobile phone, and even smart watch
  • Refresh 60 capacity, standard configuration 30 selections over 3 trays of bottles, and 30 selections over 3 trays of can for 600 items.
  • Footprint 1920mm (h) x 1180mm (w) x 855mm (d)
  • Weight 360Kg
  • Electricals 13-amp standard mains electricity connection
  • Refresh 60 can and bottle with cash and optional cashless mechanism, and Nayax dot reader

Refresh 60 can & bottle close up

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Refresh 60 Cans & Bottle