Franke Flair

Franke Flair

Being seduced by the charms of the Flair is never a disappointing experience; after all, it fulfils virtually every wish. The Flair offers you ultimate user convenience and your guests an irresistible coffee experience. So if you’re not prepared to do without the advantages of a large coffee-making machine, yet don’t require a large coffee output, the Flair is the ideal coffee machine for you. Indeed, in small catering businesses and offices, they’re celebrating nothing less.

Strikingly intelligent, astonishingly adaptable.

The Flair is clearly the result of perfected coffee-machine expertise. One glance at the smart practical features says it all. Two grinders for different roasts and plenty of scope for genuine variations in taste, eight coffee and milk specialities at the touch of a button, steam and hot water dispensed simultaneously, and an attractive design. It’s all simply convincing.

Dispenser area/operating area

Adaptable and sturdy. The steplessly height-adjustable coffee/milk dispenser (75–150 mm) means you can use all the popular sizes of cups and containers. With this combined dispenser, coffee and milk products are obtained at the touch of a button, without having to shift cups and glasses out of the way first. The dispenser is extremely easy to dismantle and can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any problem.


The integrated automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for the coffee and milk unit greatly facilitates the maintenance and care of the coffee machine, and ensures optimum hygiene and a consistently high coffee quality.

System-based milk preparation 

On the Flair the milk/foamed milk devices are integrated into the dispenser system as standard, which means you can dispense coffee and foamed milk or coffee and warm milk simultaneously. The milk/foamed milk output sequence is programmable – either before, during or after the coffee. The cool box stores the milk at a constant 5°C, keeping up to 2 litres of milk fresh for an extended period. The chromium steel milk container is easy to refill and can be removed when the machine is not in use and stored in the cool box.

The automatic rinsing and cleaning programme makes sure the milk is processed under totally hygienic conditions at all times. The two milk/foamed milk devices are rinsed automatically after a pre-programmable period of time.

They are easily accessible and, if required, can be removed for cleaning without the need to call out customer service

  • Hot milk or foamed milk dispenser
  • Consistent dosing
  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme
  • Self-service-compatible
  • Footprint: 523mm (h) x 423mm (w) x 542mm (d)
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