Coffetek Neo Q

Coffetek Neo Q

Offering Pure & fresh filtered water and the most exquisite espresso coffee & hot drink menu. With up to a potential 100 drinks on its 21.5-inch touch screen menu, The NEO Q is sure to impress and with up to a 1500 cup capacity, everyone is sure to get a drink.

NEO Q is the perfect solution for all those who need to provide their customers with quality water and hot drinks and who are committed to sustainability.

The new NEO Q offers Quality fresh filtered water and quality coffee in a single machine. An innovative concept that encourages sustainability in workplaces, leisure centres, gyms, and other establishments, promoting the use of your own cup or bottle.

Neo Q has been carefully designed, down to the last detail, to provide a machine that is both aesthetically appealing and customisable. Its interactive display has been engineered to make it easier to operate and program to improve the user experience.


Up to 1500 cup capacity
Easy to use large touch screen button menu
Single or double bean to cup for two types of beans, chocolate, tea and soup, also chilled and filtered cold drinks
Milk Micro-foam technology gives perfect foamy cappuccinos and latte
Optional cashless payment systems allow you to pay by contactless card or even your mobile phone
Measure trends and monitor performance using optional telemetry technology
Footprint 1830mm (h) x 695mm (w) x 750mm (d)
Weight 185Kg

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