Our Great Kimbo Coup!


kimbo_logo_newWe are absolutely delighted to announce an exclusive deal bringing the giant Italian espresso brand Caffè Kimbo to the UK vending market!

Senior managers from Caffè Kimbo UK and machine manufacturer N&W joined our own Mike Cowley, Adrian Dawes and Peter Atmore to make the announcement as the country’s first Caffè Kimbo vending offer went live at long standing client J.D. Williams central Manchester Head Office.



The Company Is Passionate About Coffee.


Peter Atmore, a coffee expert who joined us a year ago to head our new coffee division ‘Coffee 1652’ with the brief of ‘raising the bar on quality’, derives a great deal of personal satisfaction on the announcement of the ‘Kimbo’ partnership but, typically, he claims no credit for it and cites ‘good timing’ as the main driving force behind the initiative. ‘It’s the result of several things coming together simultaneously’, he said. ‘There have been a number of significant technological breakthroughs in recent years, particularly when it comes to the design and performance of brewers, that have made the production of a top-quality espresso in a free standing vending machine possible.


We road-tested a large number of machines but it was the latest version of the N&W Astro that stood out as the best for our purposes. I think the fact that Necta machines are designed and built in Italy, the home of espresso, gives them the edge when it comes to delivering great taste consistently.


N&W MD Dave Ward said ‘Obviously, we’re very pleased that North West Vending has identified the Astro as the best machine out there and I think Mike has a point when he refers to our company heritage. We’re the biggest supplier of espresso vending machines in Italy and we’ve been in the Italian market for almost 50 years; that’s the reason we deliver an authentic espresso taste: it’s not an option for us!


‘Modern machines are designed to be flexible enough to satisfy the particular preferences of different markets. For instance, order an espresso in Naples and you’ll be served something quite different to the espresso you’d get in Milan. That’s why we’ve designed Astro as a virtual ‘barista’: there’s a volumetric doser that’s fully programmable; bean grind time can be specified and so can the infusion time. So, within reason, the machine can be tailored to suit the coffee it’s delivering and the people it’s serving, so it’s no surprise to me that the espresso we’ve been served here today at J.D. Williams is excellent.’


We’ve set a new benchmark for quality, and the winner will be the customer.


It’s the pursuit of this excellence that has been the keystone of our mission and Mike Cowley is justifiably proud of North West Vendings latest addition to their rich portfolio of refreshment options. ‘I’d back one of our Kimbo coffees against any High Street offer’, he says sincerely. ‘We’ve all worked hard to bring this partnership together and then to develop an espresso, which everybody seems to agree is exceptional. We’ve set a new benchmark for quality, and the winner will be the customer.’


Thanks to our membership of NIVA, customers from all over the UK can install Caffè Kimbo Vending machines and interested parties are invited to contact: Peter Atmore on: 01744 762912 for further information