Customer Support

Whether you’re a current client, you already provide a refreshment service to your business, or are looking to do so for the first time, here’s what to expect:

Our aim is to provide the most appropriate solution to your specific needs and ensure that we not only deliver this to you, but do so in a manner that encourages long-lasting business and personal relationships.If we are to achieve this, then everything has to be right, from the very beginning.

At Your Service.

  • We’re here to offer support
  • We’re here to offer help
  • We’re here to offer advice, and…
  • We always aim to do so, professionally, thoughtfully, efficiently and with care and attention to detail.

We offer a free consultation service.

Our aim is to help you select the most appropriate equipment for your specific needs.
The equipment choice is extensive, which is both good news and bad! … a considered approach would be wise… as you certainly don’t want to find out, a short while after taking delivery of your new hot drinks machine, that it doesn’t do what you “thought it would!”

  • We’ll find the best solution for you.
  • We’ll go through the specifications and small-print with you before you make a decision.

large_vending1We just want to help.

If, after consultation, you decide to introduce refreshment equipment into your business, or engage our services, it won’t be because we’ve sold it/them to you, it’ll be because you’ve carefully considered the advice we’ve offered and decided it’s the right thing for you to do.

Equipment & Service Trials.

Not only are we delighted to be able to offer equipment and service trials, but there’s every chance we’ll suggest it first!
You really need to know what you’re getting for your money! …and that’s something that we’re mindful of, all the way through the consultation process.

A host of financial options.

We’ll also advise on the best way to finance your service.
There are the traditional and standard formats: purchase, lease and rental options, and then, dependent upon a vast range of circumstances…
Costs can be dramatically reduced,
Costs could be completely removed and, in some cases,
Automated refreshment services can generate income for you.

Supply, Delivery & Installation.

All come as standard with our service and support package.

Office Support.

Our office team will be on-hand to help with any administrative queries and are always looking to offer you a very personal service.

nwv_techCustomer Support Manager.
In the event you require technical assistance, our “Customer Support Manager” will be on hand to take your call and ensure any technical problem is managed through to a successful conclusion. Through our team of highly qualified technicians, we aim to be with you on the same day, within four hours wherever possible, and always to leave you with a working machine.

Our support service is specifically tailored to accompany both your individual requirements and our comprehensive range of refreshment equipment. As it happens, you may not require our help at all, but…we’re here just in case you do!

When things are going well, you won’t need us, it’s only when things suddenly don’t go so well that you’ll need us, and at times like this, you need to know you can rely upon your support partner!

Dedicated Account Manager.

If you choose to have a “fully managed service”, then we will appoint a dedicated “Account Manager” to look after and manage you’re account. 
Their role is not just to ensure your refreshment equipment is fully stocked, well presented and maintained, but to be a “liaison officer”, who’s always there to ensure that, over time, as business circumstances develop and change, your service requirements are constantly adjusted to best suit your needs.

North West Vending.

If we’re fortunate enough to be invited to become one of your supply partners, then you’ll already have met and spoken with at least one person within our team and sometimes, a number of people.

We’d like you to know that the support you’ll receive, runs right the way through our organisation. It isn’t just our “front-line” team of Account Managers that’ll be there to support you,… our Warehousing & Distribution team ensure your Account Manager is fully equipped for the job, and likewise…
our in-house Service Workshop team support our Field Technicians in a similar manner, and the senior management team are dedicated to ensure we deliver our “Mission Statement”. Furthermore, if you’d like to speak to any one of us, you only have to ask, we’re all here to help.

Personal Service.

If you’ve read this far, firstly… well done! go get a coffee!! …and secondly, it’s time to make one final point… As far as we’re concerned, the level of customer service you receive will:

  • Never be gauged by the size of your organisation,
  • Never be gauged by the amount you spend with us,
  • Not be affected if we’ve “had a bad day!”,
  • Not become a chore!
  • We aim to offer everyone the highest level of personal service, at all times.