Floor Standing

Coffetek Neo Q


Offering Pure & fresh filtered water and the most exquisite espresso coffee & hot drink menu. With up to a potential 100 drinks on its 21.5-inch touch screen menu, The NEO Q is sure to impress and with up to a 1500 cup capacity, everyone is sure to get a drink. NEO Q is the perfect solution for all …

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Coffetek Zensia


When it comes to technological innovation and barista quality drinks the Zensia by Coffetek is in a class of its own. With the combination of a clean, uncluttered style and functionality, the Zensia is elegant and easy to use. Thanks to innovative technologies, drinks of all varieties are delivered at optimum quality. From perfect fresh bean Italian espressos and …

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Concerto Touch


Concerto Touch brings some of the best electronic and mechanical innovations to the table. Premium technologies, management simplicity and the best user experience at one touch! The 13.3 ” full HD screen features a wider drinks menu compared to the traditional models. With Concerto Touch, operators will benefit from simplicity in machine management due to the latest-generation electronics.

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A combination of design and performance. With its dimensions optimizing space in small to medium locations, the Concerto offers an ideal freestanding beverage solution. A reduction in size doesn’t mean limited choice either: the elegant Concerto delivers a large selection of quality hot and cold options to suit every taste. These units notably feature Z4000 espresso and double espresso …

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Maestro Touch


Necta strikes again with Maestro Touch. Elegant, with external profiles in black anodized aluminium, black door with dark grey cabinet and a frameless, all-glass touchscreen. Maestro Touch focuses on cutting-edge performances and on the ability for consumers to customize their drinks. Nutritional information is available to identify the most suitable product for their needs. The latest technology has been …

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Opera Touch


An irresistible attraction for the Vending world. Using the latest electronic technology, mechanical layout and maximum simplicity the Opera Touch offers the best user experience. The Opera features a 13.3 “full HD screen that dramatically widens the drink offer and the information available for the consumer. Designed to provide simplicity of management for operators, thanks to the innovative electronics …

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Maestro, a button for every taste. Elegant, with external profiles in the black anodized aluminium, black door with dark gray cabinet. The dispenser that completes Necta’s offer for the most demanding locations. Perfect performance and high quality of beverages are the distinctive features of this model. From tea infusion to a creamy coffee espresso, the consumers will have up …

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Sigma Cafe


Sigma Café is the newest addition to Westomatic’s Sigma range. The most striking feature is its very large 20 inch HD media screen, with 4 gigabytes of memory it’s perfect for bespoke branding images or for advertising messages in HD video. Externally there is a choice of Café branding or jet black and as an extra cost option the …

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Westomatic Sigma Touch


To get my first glimpse of the Sigma Touch, at a vending trade show, I had to excuse my way through the crowd gathered around it. The Sigma Touch does everything you’d expect of a top-of-the range, high capacity hot drinks vending machine; so click here to see how this machine offers you a little bit extra. Sigma Touch’s …

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Coffetek NEO


The stylish looking NEO is beautifully finished in smoked glass and offers a wide selection of barista quality drinks from its easy to use touch button menu. To further enhance the wide variety of drinks already on offer, add the optional syrup unit, it adds two different flavoured shots to the hot beverages. The NEO comes with superb environmental …

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Great things can come in small packages, as the tiny footprint the OPERA perfectly demonstrates. This smart and stylish machine is an ideal choice for busy areas where space is tight. It may be small but the choices are big with 20 coffee shop style selections, plus soup, there is a drink to suit everyone. To further enhance the …

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