Samba Touch Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

N&W Samba-touch-combination

The dynamic Samba Touch is packed with cutting edge technologies and product dispense features. Making informed consumer choices has never been easier; a large 7 inch touch screen allows the Samba Touch to offer pricing, allergen and nutritional information before a purchase is made. The Samba Touch can optionally feature N&W’s new electronic tray labelling system, this displays digital …

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Tango Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

N&W Tango combination snacks and cold drinks

The Tango combination snacks and cold drinks is elegant, accessible and easy to engage, a perfect combination of ability, precision and capacity. Now, optionally featuring N&W’s new electronic tray labelling system, customers can see digital pricing, promotional messages, allergen or nutritional information directly beneath each product. Using the touch button menu makes choices simple and easy to complete. When …

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Melodia Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

N&W melodia-combination

Intelligent design of the compact Melodia manages the rare feat of pleasing all of the people all of the time. At only 1.7 meters tall it will fit through virtually any door and the tightest of spaces. Lack of bulk does not translate into lack of capacity, a whopping 344 products can be dispensed from the all snack version …

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Jazz Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

Jazz Combination Snacks & cold Drinks

The latest offering from N&W Global Vending is the JAZZ, it builds upon a tried and tested legacy of robust and compact snacks and cold drinks vending machines. The new Jazz reflects this great heritage and offers the complete refreshment service ideal for smaller sites where space is limited. The Jazz is brightly lit using low energy L.E.D. lights …

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Crane Merchant Media Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

Merchant 6 Media Combination

Merchant Media was designed with the consumer in mind, enhancing their shopping experience by offering the largest product variety in the industry and a new intuitive interface. Featuring a new 3.5” colour display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing numeric keypad or optional 7.0″ full touch-screen display, this engaging platform provides a unique shopping experience that meets the expectations of …

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Samba Combination Snacks and Cold Drinks

A fantastic new confectionery machine dances into the market. The Samba Classic offers maximum flexibility in dispensing, thanks to an innovative technology for product distribution and dispensing. The user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive. The attractive high-impact aesthetics are characterised by an elegant aluminium side panel with a black insert made of bright polycarbonate. The large LED-lit glass …

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