Bellizzi Coffee

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North West Vending exclusively produce the Bellizzi brand of Fresh Roasted Whole Beans and Ground Coffees. The name comes from a small town located on the South West coast of Italy, deep in the heart of a region that has a long heritage in coffee roasting.   At one time, coffee was roasted here over Oak Chips to create wonderful, mysterious and complex aromas with a unique flavour. We have sought to honour this historical heritage by creating a range of premium coffees that respect the traditional passion and craftsmanship whilst using blending and roasting techniques that  are ‘state of the art’ to produce vibrant, rich flavours to be enjoyed by everyone – whether you simply enjoy excellent coffee or are a real connoisseur.


Sourced From Some of the Worlds Finest Coffee Plantations


Our Coffees are sourced from some of the worlds finest Coffee plantations, then carefully blended and roasted to perfection, here in the UK, by craftsmen with many years experience of their trade, on the latest technology roasting equipment. Our smaller batch roasting process ensures that your coffee is at maximum freshness when you receive it; you can be confident our coffees haven’t spent weeks and months in space! transit or in a warehouse losing their natural oils and flavours. We understand that different coffee machine brew systems have different effects on coffee and, therefore, no ‘one size fits all’ approach to a coffee blend will produce the perfect cup of coffee.


We have a selection of blends that we have specifically developed to suit various brewer systems across a wide range of equipment manufacturers and can assure you that whichever system you choose, the coffee blend will perfectly complement that system, to ensure that you enjoy your coffee drinks, every time.


Bellizzi Coffee